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Which problems do we solve?

App’s that assure CONTROL

Do you recognize the following challenges?

  • Workorders distributed on paper to the shopfloor
  • Incorrect actual hours
  • No real-time insight in status of workorders
  • Not working according to planning and schedule
  • Walking operators in search of information
  • Old revisions of drawings circulating on the shopfloor

Take advantage of the knowledge and experience of Smart Production Solutions:

  • No more paper, no overwriting and no more older revisions of drawings circling around
  • Realtime insight status workorders
  • Perfect insight in spent hours and materials
  • Direct signalizing of bottlenecks
  • Shopfloor and back office digital connected
  • 100% digital

In short: CONTROL of the shop floor

Which standard integrations do we have?

API’s connecting back-office and shopfloor