In daily live everybody uses apps to the max on his/her mobile. The world of manufacturing however still uses old technology. Whilst the usage of smart intuitive apps brings so much benefits.

The apps of Smart Production Solutions are smart applications connected to ERP. The apps get their information from ERP and eventually send back information to ERP.

The apps help in:

  • Digitalizing shop floor processes
  • Connecting the head office with the shop floor
  • Sending feedback directly and accurate of workorders
  • Direct controlling of shop floor
  • Direct signalizing disturbance and exceptions

The apps will help you controlling the shop floor resulting in

  • Reduced throughput-times
  • Realtime insight in workorders
Smart Production Suite

Product specifications

  • 1 app providing all required information for operators
  • 1 app providing all required information for warehouse employees
  • Smart, intuitive apps
  • Flexible configurable solution
  • Cloud
  • ERP independent

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Smart Production Solutions has developed the following apps:

Smart Production Suite
Smart Production Suite

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