The market for food is changing tremendously. The market is gaining size due to the growth of the worldwide population of people. Also, the demand raises for healthy food products. The demand for food with less sugar, salt, grace or calories is raising, and there is a shift from meat to meat replacing products. Innovations is an important point of attention for the food industry. Many startups are arising and entering the food market with innovative products. Technological innovation like Smart Industry is a fact and slowing entering the food industry. 3D printing, supply chain management and digitalization is a must to keep up with competition. Online shopping for food is already becoming commodity. Tracing of products is of vital importance. Scandals of bad products will undermine confidence of customer and can cause great deal of damage.

Do you want to gain a clear advantage over your competitors by digitalization of your processes?

Smart Production Solutions will ensure you a head start on competition.

Paperless factory

The solution that will serve as base for paperless working is the Smart Production Suite. The Smart Production Suite is a flexible cloud-based solution. The solution for your (future) employees, raised with apps and smart phones. The solution that enables a digital shop floor.

The Smart Production Suite contains 5 modules: JobControl, StockControl, QualityControl, OEE and ShopFloorPlanner.

Realtime insight in workorders

JobControl supports production on the shopfloor. Workorders are digital presented, based on the scheduling, to the operators. Operators will see their work for the coming day in the right sequence, including corresponding recipes. The digital workorders are foreseen with all kind of extra information, ALL digital. It will show work instructions, recipes, manuals, drawings etc. During the production process coding for tracking and tracing are reported.

JobControl will register realtime the usage of ingredients, by-products, man and machine hours. All information will be sent back, realtime, towards ERP. Cleaning, setup, preparation time…..all steps will be monitored giving you all the information you need to gain insight in costs.

Stockcontrol will support warehouse with digital processing of transaction of products and ingredients. This way you will prevent workorders being started without the proper ingredients in place. In case of missing ingredients, the operator can file a pick request digital, making sure the order can start asap. Picking orders (FIFO), goods received, handling of materials, will all be presented digital to the warehouse employees. Due to the realtime connection with ERP, you will be able to monitor the movements of ingredients and goods.

QualityControl handles scrap and deviations reported digital by the operators. The main goal of the Smart Production Suite is that operators focus on producing and nothing also then producing. The entire organization has a “bring” attitude making sure that operator can always continue working and will not be distracted by searching for ingredients or wasting time on disposals. When disposals are reported, Quality will receive an alert so they are immediately notified when deviations occur. This way all information is available to analyze the root cause.

The Smart Production Suite will support you with the fully 100% digitalization of your organization.