Smart Production Suite

Reducing lead-times and improving efficiency

The Smart Production Suite supports the creation of a paperless shop floor. The Smart Production Suite is a smart intuitive app providing people on the shop floor with the right information at the right time. Work instructions, drawings, tutorials….all provided digitally with the latest actual revisions. An app that will assist people on the shop floor with easy and fast registration of time, material usage and possible feedback. The app is designed to improve efficiency on the shop floor and shorten lead-times.

The Smart Production Suite exists of the following 5 modules:


In order to gain control on the shop floor, insight is inevitable. Operators need to know what they have to do, and u want to know the status and results of their activities. A combination of clear management and adequate feedback. That’s why we build JobControl.

Job Control replaces job lists, planning lists, handwritten notes for hours registration, quality forms and material lists.

With the assistance of JobControl, the shop floor will receive digital job lists, sequenced based on your own priorities. Jobs will be enriched with digital information like BOM, work instructions, manuals and drawings. Time spend and materials used will be recorded by simple “clicking” by the operators. All information will be send back realtime to ERP, making sure that you have continuous insight in statuses of workorders and material movements.

  • Realtime control of shop floor based on planning & scheduling
  • Registration of man and machine hours
  • Digital drawings
  • Registration of scrap and deviations



StockControl is an intuitive app supporting you to control your warehouse. StockControl supports easy registration of warehouse movements, goods received and pick orders and will replace all kinds of (written) lists.

StockControl is fed with realtime information from ERP or JobControl. In ERP or JobControl the warehouse movements are triggered and will be presented, based on selection criteria (like supplier, date, location, employee etc.), to warehouse employees. Transaction are easily registered by “clicking” on for instance a tablet. ERP will be update realtime, giving you full overview of material movements. All pick orders, warehouse transactions and goods received are listed and presented based on priorities ensuring that material shortage is no longer a problem.

  • Goods received
  • Issuing / picking materials
  • Request of materials


QualityControl helps increasing the level of quality. QualityControl supports operators to register quality related issues during production realtime. They can register products for scrap and deviations. Also will operators be able to register deviation in the process and they can register machine break down. Because the registration is realtime, your quality department will know directly when problems occur and have realtime information available for further investigation of the root cause analysis. Step by step you will be able to improve your quality of processes.

QualityControl also supports the inspection and controlling of products. Before inspection, dynamic inspection lists are created digital, to guide your operators step for step. This way your operators have digital check lists to register checks, measurements. The inspection will be stored and can be used as base for further analyses. Step by step you will be able to improve your quality of products.

  • Reporting of scrap and deviations
  • Digital forms for inspections


Looking forward into the future, manufacturing will be forced more and more, driven by the critical and high demanding customer, to deliver tailored made solutions. Manufacturing will have to produce more modular based, and efficiency is one of the main drivers. To establish a high level of efficiency, measuring OEE is the first step.

OEE means Overall Equipment Effectiveness. OEE is the multiplication of availability, performance and quality of machines and is expressed as a percentage. It is not just a value, but a value that reflects the performance of machines. OEE reflects possible bottlenecks in processes and supports reduction of malfunctions and downtime.

Input to determine OEE is retrieved from several sources. Information about workorders, quantities, calculations etc. is delivered by ERP. Machines will send production data directly towards the OEE solutions. Modern machines support these options. For older machines analogue information is transformed digitally and send towards the OEE solution. The Smart Production Suite will deliver actual information like produced amounts, man and machine hours (including setup, downtime and malfunctioning).

The OEE solutions shows the performance of the machine park graphical. All activities are represented by different colors creating insight. Insight in setup, actual performance, idle time, scrap, failure etc. By slicing and dicing the actual data causing the output can be analyzed. Analyses that will serve as first steps towards increasing efficiency.

The OEE-solution supports:

  • Realtime insight performance machines
  • Analyses OEE output
  • First step for improving efficiency


Maybe you recognize the following: creating the perfect daily schedules is a time-consuming challenge. Insight in capacity of departments is missing and scheduling with ERP is just not doable. Investing in a dedicated planning tool is just a step to far.

Smart Production Solutions has built an app, called the shopfloorplanner, to support you with daily operational planning and scheduling.

The shopfloorplanner reflects bottlenecks in your daily planning. The shopfloorplanner assists in the control of the shop floor based on algorithms supporting the product, process and position in the supply chain. The shopfloorplanner will reflect bottlenecks intuitive and the workorders related to this bottleneck. By simple dragging and dropping you can create the ideal planning for today.

With the help of the shopfloorplanner you will have a reliable planning at your disposition. Rush orders will belong to the past, making you a trustworthy partner for your customers.

Smart Production Suite


  • Realtime control of production based on planning
  • Registration of man and machine hours
  • Digital drawings
  • Registration of scrap and rework


  • Receipts of goods
  • Issue of materials
  • Material transactions


  • Reporting of quality issues in production
  • Digital inspection forms