App & Running

Implementation methodology: App & Running

The Smart Production Solutions apps are intuitive; the implementation will be carried out quickly and efficiently.

The App & Running implementation method consists of 4 steps:

  • Workshop
    The workshop is intended to introduce the apps to future users. During the workshop, together we will decide how the apps should be configured. With the emphasis on together: discussing as many situations on the work floor as possible on the one hand and ensuring that the apps are embedded in daily usage of your operators on the other.
  • Configuration
    In the configuration phase, the app is configured as agreed during the workshop. Resulting in apps that are supporting the processes on the shop floor of your organisation.
  • Installation
    During the installation, the specified locations of your organization are processed in the URL’s of the apps. These URL’s are then installed on the devices you have suggested. Because the apps are completely Cloud based, all kinds of devices can be used; touchscreen TVs, laptops, IPads or just the current PCs that you already have.
  • Go Live
    We believe in the "train the trainer" principle. The apps are equipped with management tools that allow you to manage the apps independently. By transferring the knowledge to designated employees, enriched with documentation, we ensure that the knowledge is and will be present within your organization.